Going Nuclear

Mabon ap Gwynfor

Nuclear technology is an amazing feat of human ingenuity, yet with its incredibly destructive power and the highly radioactive waste that lasts for hundreds of thousands of years it is also extremely contentious.

This authoritative book begins by analysing the symbiotic links between military and civilian nuclear then carefully deconstructs each of the main arguments in favour of nuclear technology.

The research draws on first hand witness evidence and interviews with experts who command global respect in various fields culminating in an easy-to-read and powerful telling of the story of nuclear and its impact on societies across the globe.

This book takes us through an ideology-free, evidence-based look at the interlocking issues that make up the nuclear debate — and it couldn’t be timelier, since the current UK government is planning for a nuclear renaissance.

Dr. Paul Dorfman

Going Nuclear is a truly sobering overview of the horrific fragility of the nuclear industry, its colonial framework and its place within the military industrial complex.

Gruff Rhys

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